Justin Baker

“In my experience the glide is the most comfortable rig I have ever owned and is backed by the best customer support in the business with guys who have a ton of knowledge and experience! ”

It was Summerfest 2015 when I met Dave Singer at the Glide tent. I was on my 2nd brand new custom rig from 2 different leading companies and it didn’t fit right so  I told Dave my issues & he explained to me that because of my size being larger than most in the sport the rig would have to be made a certain way to make it fit properly and be comfortable. I had never heard of Peregrine Manufacturing Inc before but I found out that Dave & Aggie was hardly new to the business. In fact they had both previously been apart of one of the largest container companies out there for many years and they had all these ideas how to make a rig better and more comfortable for the jumper which led them to creating PMI and my new Glide.

A few months later I would visit there factory for a tour and learn of the complex process it takes not only to build a quality container but how they give it multiple quality checks along the way to assure the highest quality. They even let me use the hot knife to cut some scrap material just to give me a better understanding of how it was done. Every detail and station was scrutinized over before a final assembly and more checks before shipping. I was truly impressed and was measured in shop and officially ordered my new rig that day.

A couple months later I would receive the most comfortable and good looking rig I had ever owned! From the hip rings allowing everything to swivel properly and not bind to the comfort of all the handles in my hand and finally the awesome look of my stealth package with all black hardware I was very satisfied! It was a perfect fit for me and incredibly comfortable!

I had a couple months to jump my container before I saw Dave again at Summerfest 2016 and had a couple questions about hooking up slinks for a new canopy. Not only did he tell me but he got down on his hands and knees right there and showed me outside how it was done with a step by step explanation. To me that’s true customer service!

Bill Galonek

August 2016

After owning 3 other leading container brands, my new Glide is the most comfortable and coolest looking container I have ever owned.   Peregrine customer service is simply the best I have ever experienced. They went above and beyond to assist me during the design and option selection process as well as post sales support.

Peregrine communicated daily and weekly with me and my dealer throughout the whole process.  They responded immediately and gladly accommodated all my “last minute” design requests and provided progress updates during the entire manufacturing process.

I received my custom rig on the date promised (in 3 weeks with rush order option!!!) and I was blown away with the end result.  It is super comfortable in the plane, in the air, and under canopy.  Simply put, they nailed it!

Thanks to everyone at Peregrine for an amazing rig and I look forward to doing business with you in the future!

Scott Confer

Hey Dave,
Good morning. I wanted to take a minute to say that I had an opportunity to put a few jumps on my new rig this weekend, and all I can say is WOW! Free fall was a completely new experience for me in a rig that actually fits properly, and I am so glad you talked me into getting the full articulation. The freedom of movement was amazing, like the rig wasn’t even there. Canopy time was perfectly comfortable, like sitting in my favorite chair. With the proper fit, harness input was very responsive as well. It was a completely new experience for me. The fit and finish is perfect as expected. Thank you for all your help in building it and for the super fast turnaround time.

Also, I sold the old GLIDE to a freshly licensed skydiver up in New York named Yuriy that jumps at “sky’s the limit” in PA. His instructors said it fit him like a glove and the rigger Mark, who also knows Dave Poyster very well, passed it with flying colors. Overall it was a GREAT weekend. Thanks again, and take care.

Blue skies